FoodEx is a local food distribution company that strives to connect local farmers and fishers with buyers around the city. We take many forms as we are designed to solve the challenging of food transportation and distribution for local small and medium farm growers who operate in local food systems.

Our services vary as we strive to provide the best assistance for everyone. We provide the distribution services to farmers such as production planning, storage, packaging, and distribution. The increased local food economy will help support our farms by creating sustainable market opportunities as well as benefit those who purchase local produce.

FoodEx will allow buyers such as select food retailers, independent groceries, restaurants, and wholesale buyers to purchase locally grown produce and assist farmers with better access to new markets.

Here at FoodEx, we are all about connections and making opportunities to buying local food conveniently. We aim to make the connections between consumers and farmers and everything in between.

FoodEx helps farmers, institutions, restaurants, processors, and markets tie all the connections together to make local food distribution convenient, functional and friendly.

Over the past ten years, we have developed relationships with both farmers and buyers for a long-term orientation and beneficial gain. By purchasing local produce, every dollar is spent locally to help the community. We make it easy for our customers to learn more about what they’re purchasing and where it is coming from.