4 Benefits of Farm to Table Dining Movement

When it comes to eating healthy, who doesn’t love eating a fresh salad straight from the garden? Just with the healthy ingredients, the farm to table dining movement is based on the least amount of time and distance to getting the farm produce to your table.

With the high interest of millennials today, there has been a massive growth of eating local in the recent years.

Here are four benefits of farm to table dining movement.

Better Food

The local farms will provide better produce that what you may get from the grocery store. This is because most produce comes from manufacturing farms that travel hundreds of miles to reach your local grocery store. To prevent the risk of damage and spoilage, factories use methods of spraying the produce with life-extending chemicals to ensure that the food can handle long distances.

Meanwhile, local farms will provide better food that is ripe and picked just before you eat. This will give you the best benefits of the highest amounts of vitamins, nutrients and better taste.


Local farming is also better for the environment, especially when it comes to travel. Thousands of trucks and cargo trains use tonnes of fuel to transfer produce across the nation. With the farm to table movement, the food will go locally and benefit your community.

Positive Boost for Local Farms

When food is transported from big company farms, local farms feel the most disadvantages. The movement brings in more money in local farms and businesses and also keeps the costs down. This allows you to eat healthy for a low price.

Improve Health and Welfare of Farm Animals

Large corporations put their needs of maximum sales over the health and welfare of the animals. This means that millions of animals are mass=produced and experience poor living conditions. With the farm movement, you can buy from local farms that treat their livestock well and use sustainable open-range methods.

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