5 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Purchase Produce Locally

Within the past recent years, more restaurants and diners are turns to local farms for fresh produce. From casual taco shops to fine-dining experiences, many restaurants are finding their way to all kinds of cuisines.

Here are five reasons why restaurants should purchase produce locally.

Local Produce Are Fresh

Did you know that the average commute for transporting food is about 1,500 miles in the United States? This means that commercial farms grow fruits and veggies at an unhealthy rate with engineered chemicals to help prevent spoil during the long distance of travel. With local farms, the produce goes at a minimal distance and still able to maintain their taste, nutrients, and overall healthy appearance without the use of chemicals.

Local Produce Support Local Communities

Who doesn’t want to support their community and the businesses involved? Not only will you keep the cash flow local, but you will also help build strong relationships and connections with farms in your area.

Local Produce Taste Better

Anyone who has eaten fresh produce from farms can attest to the fact that local food tastes much better can commercially-grown produce. Just like any homemade cookie, bread or soup, manufactured products don’t compare to the taste and experience of local produce.

Local Produce Can Help Market Restaurants

Letting your customers know where the ingredients come from and adding terms to the menu will send in more business. Using local foods have become a marketing staple for restaurants and everyone would rather eat from local gardens and farms for better quality.

Local Produce Isn’t as Expensive As You Think

The price for local produce isn’t as steep as you may assume. When you consider the quality of the produce, you’re getting more for your money. Some farms even offer discounts and benefits to restaurants with a healthy relationship.


Local farms provide produce that comes in varieties for restaurants to choose from. Choosing to use local produce will add more flavours and wonderful colours to their table.