4 Benefits Small Farms can Gain from Organic Farming

Small farms can gain the various benefits of organic farming if they know what resources to use. What is organic farming exactly? Organic farming is the means of farming without the use of chemicals like pesticides and fertilisers. Many small farms are continuing to practice this method, however not all are aware of the many benefits they can reap from organic farming.

Here are Four Benefits Small Farms Can Gain From Organic Farming.

Better Nutrition

When compared to manufactured produce, organic food has proven to be richer in vitamins and nutrients due to its content. Organic farming uses the methods of passing on the nutrients of the soil on to the animals and plants for a healthier cycle.

Toxic Free

Organic refrains from the use of toxic chemicals such as pesticides, unnatural fertiliser and weedicides to keep pests at bay. However, according to research, a large portion of the population who were fed toxic chemicals used in commercial farming have revealed to have an increased risk of developing dangerous diseases such as cancer.

Organic farms avoid these types of toxins in every way and reduce the risk of sickness as a result.

Quality of Taste

The quality of organic produce is determined by the taste as organic produce is known to taste as much as ten times better than other produce. The natural sugar content in organic fruits and vegetables are what gives them more flavour.

Long Shelf-Life Expectancy

Organic produce has a higher structural and metabolic integrity of the cellular structure than commercial crops. This allows the storage of organic food to last for an extended period, compared to commercial products.

Which benefits like these, who wouldn’t want to consider organic farming? Comment below and tell us what you think!