What We Do

FoodEx is a local food distribution company that is designed to connect local farmers and fisherman and create new opportunities for selling directly to food buyers.

Here’s How It Works:


With our connection to local farms and fishers, we have developed a connection to provide small-scale, local deliveries to the selected areas. Our aim is to let fresh produce come to you.

Local Farmers Markets

Every week, we hold a local farmers market where local farms and fisherman can engage their products and goods. Local growers will harvest, and we will deliver their goods to the market site. Buyers may also order their items and pick up their order at our location. These markets will benefit both the farms and consumers to provide an available connection.

Community Agriculture

A community supported agriculture program is another direct to consumer option that will allow consumers to purchase a share of the local farm’s harvest. This will allow them to pay for their purchased share upfront with many benefits for both farm and buyer.

Other Direct to Buyer Programs

We also provide other options for direct-to-buyer markets such as on-site farm stands, stores, pick-your-own-farms, and glean programs that allow buyers to harvest crops that remain in the fields after the main crop.

Direct to Retail

Direct-to-retail services involve the farmers to prepare the ordered products as we deliver the products directly to the establishments. We also provide a central facility where farmers can drop off their produce for distribution to some facilities in the area.

Contact us now for more information on how you can get involved and support the local economy with local farming.